About Wild Berry

The Wild Berry, an Oxford, Ohio icon, was founded in 1971 by Marc Biales. This eclectic gift store started out as a leather shop specializing in Biales’ hand made belts, bracelets, sandals, purses and incense. Gradually, Biales incorporated items from around the world with a focus on handcrafts.

The moment you walk through the door, the aromatic and sensual Wild Berry Incense greets you as a fine bouquet. They have perfected a special blend of incense since the beginning and currently manufacture over 100 delightful fragrances.

Wild Berry Incense is sold in stores all over the world and is the leading quality incense made in the United States. Wild Berry uses only the highest quality fragrances and a secret ingredient insures the fragrance stays fresh and smells the same on the stick as it does when it burns.